Aaron “Southcee” Bullock born in Alexandria, Virginia. He started writing music at the age of 13. He was raised by a single mother and grew up poor, he moved to Harrisburg, PA to live with his father and 2nd to oldest brother when he was 14. That’s when he linked up with Philly rapper Poverty and they formed a group called The Finest. The group only lasted a couple of years although they managed to put out several underground mixtapes. At the age of 18 Southcee was incarc​erated, while serving out his sentence he picked up battle rapping, he battled and befriended some of the city best mcs while doing his bid. His first break came when local radio station had a rap battle, although he was disqua​lified for using foul language he impressed the judges and made a name for himself. After a while Southcee decided to go solo and focus on a solo career but the street life would catch up to him and he found himself incarc​erated again. While going through the revolving door of the system he was incarc​erated for a total of 7 times. After coming home from his last bid he was ready for a change. He went on to meet the woman that became the mother of his first child. Southcee decided to leave the streets alone and focus on his family he didn’t record music but he still wrote lyrics and bars. With encour​agement from his girlfriend he decided to focus back on his music, Southcee heard about a local battle competition and he decided to enter he would of won but due to lack of memory of his bars he lost and came in dead last, but that’s when he caught his big break founder of The Raw Battles League and CEO of Gangst​atainm​ent Inc. G.O.D. was impressed with his talent and decided to have him on his latest mixtape. Southcee sent the lead single off his debut mixtape So Dedicated. Impressed with his hard work and dedication G.O.D. made the decision to manage him and signed Southcee to Gangst​atainm​ent Inc. were he released his So Dedicated mixtape, the mixtape would go on to get ten out of ten ratings on music websites. Since then he formed a group called The Committee with local rappers J Bellz and Pa Yola, they released their debut mixtape Homicide Pa. Southcee has made a name for himself in the battle circuit battling in The Interc​ontine​ntal Battle League, A.Y.B.O.N. Battle League and Supa Nova Battle League. Southcee is now on a full time GRIND! To make it to the top of the music industry.