Born on a Military Base in Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri, and raised in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, JusLovin’ Developed a pechant for rhythmic sound before she was born, jokingly she recalls “Yeah, when my mom was pregnant with me she played drums for the church”. Although her vocal and instrumentation skills have been developed in church, JusLovi’ had broadened her sound to incorporate elements of hip-hop rock, contemporary and alternative music. Her Brain child “JusLovin’ entertainment and productions” while still in it’s developmental phases will with better resources definitely be taken to the next level as stated by Rich Robin of Braxton Hall. Currently JusLovin’ is working on projects that highlight her as both an artist and producer. JusLovin’ the artist is in the studio recording her first album “JusLovin’ Music”.

JusLovin’ the producer is putting together a mixtape “A Freestylists Dream” as well as providing material for fellow artist Southcee. JusLovin’, who’s goal is to inspire, uplift, and empower young women from at risk and disadvantaged backgrounds, will do so through “Pretty Music”, A non profit subsidiary of “JusLovin’ Entertainment and Production”. JusLovin’ hopes that her positivity and the showcasing of her vast authentic talents will encourage young female artists to persue their dreams despite their hardships. While continuing to grow JusLovin’ Entertainment and Production, JusLovin’ will remain hard atwork on her current projects JusLovin’ Music” and “A Freestylists Dream”. These are just the first of many works to come, and Not unlike her beggings at the sound of the drum. The beat continues.