Kyle Arnold- Vocals

Joe DeGrasse- Guitar

Jonathan Bradshaw- Drums

Jamin Baker- Bass

Riddle me this, riddle me that. When Amorata first started, they sounded like crap. They played in churches and bars; all these low energy shows. They even played at a coffee house, The Pony Espresso. From the get -go there were three, Jon, Joe and me (Kyle). As for bass, there was none. But the music still was fun. One day the band awoke, and over coffee they spoke. Joe got right to the basics, “We need a fucking bassist”. Let the search begin, well who do we know? That isn’t a creep and doesn’t do blow? Someone who is actually interested in music, will remember their instrument, and know how to use it? The more they pondered it, it became clear. They were fucked. Oh woe was them. They felt the end. Before they even had a chance to begin. If only one of them, had a sister, who was dating a musician. Oh wait, could it be? Joe, yes of course, Joe’s family. And Jill was indeed dating a man named Jamin, who had magical hands. And with those hands, we multiplied the fans, we are happy to say, we now have ten. For the support we truly thank you all, music is our passion, has been since we were wee.